Finance, Planning and Performance

Our Finance, Planning and Performance Directorate contains the Finance, Procurement, Legal, Insurance, Commercial Projects as well as Planning, Performance and Quality teams.

The primary responsibilities of the directorate include:

  • Coordination of all corporate planning activity, including both five year planning and budgeting.
  • Provision of commercial (e.g. legal, procurement, insurance, project management) support to all parts of the organisation to ensure that we understand and minimise risk, and maximise the return we get for the money we spend.
  • Provision of financial information guidance and advice to all parts of Guide Dogs to help staff understand the financial impact of their activities.
  • Ensuring that we comply with relevant external corporate obligations.
  • Ensuring we have in place all the necessary financial controls to protect our assets.
  • Development of a quality framework that helps us to ensure that we are delivering our strategy.
  • Managing Guide Dogs' financial assets.

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