Code of business conduct

As at: August, 2007

1. Relations with Service Users and their Representative We will work to ensure that Guide Dogs services are of high quality that focus on the person using them and that person's needs. We will provide our services in line with the relevant professional and regulatory standards and codes of practice.

1.1 Assessing Peoples Needs Together with other voluntary and government organisations that provide services to people who are blind and partially sighted, Guide Dogs will regularly monitor and quantify their needs in the areas of mobility and access, particularly those groups currently under-represented.

1.2 Listening to Service Users We will consult both existing and potential users of our services, other professionals and carers. We will encourage them to put forward their views and get involved in discussions about the provision, planning, development and monitoring of services for blind and partially sighted people.

1.3 Equal Access to Services We will work to make sure all existing and potential service users have equal access to our products and services, regardless of age (bearing in mind there is a minimum appropriate age for guide dog ownership), ethnic origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief. We will do this by following guidelines for good practice, making appropriate policies and delivering services fairly.

1.4 Delivering a Quality Service We will have a comprehensive approach to service evaluation that addresses the need for service provision to be consistent throughout the UK in terms of quality, eligibility and availability.

1.5 Health and Safety of Service Users We will take all reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of service users while under the care and supervision of Guide Dogs' workers, their agents or volunteers.

1.6 Complaints about Services We will develop a complaints procedure that protects the interests of both service users and providers. We will deal with problems in line with best practice.

1.7 Withdrawal of Services We will not tolerate any person abusing our workers, volunteers or any animal related to Guide Dogs.

1.8 Maintaining our Relevance We will invite and take account of the views of both existing and potential users of our services to ensure that the organisation's direction and governance remain relevant to their needs.

1.9 Communicating with Service Users We will consult and communicate with existing and potential service users in a choice of formats and languages.

1.10 Service User Confidentiality

We will follow all UK laws on keeping service users personal information confidential and share it only as necessary with those who have a legitmate right and need to know. To read full document.....

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