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Eye health

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We also know, however, that there's an enormous amount that can be done to help prevent sight loss occurring in the first place. Sophisticated medical research is being undertaken into many different causes of blindness, much of the UK-based work commissioned and funded by Guide Dogs. Our findings could eventually lead to new treatments for common eye diseases in both adults and children.

But eye health is not just the business of scientists. Part of our mission is to get across simple messages about eye health to the public, particularly to children and young people. We can all be responsible for taking care of our sight and Guide Dogs' programme of eye health education is giving people the information they need to help prevent future sight loss.

A yellow labrador guide dog is pictured on a train station platform with a train behind him.

Campaigning for equal rights

We hope that our ophthalmic research and eye health programmes will result in a progressively lower incidence of blindness in the years to come. For now, however, vision impairment is still a fact of life for many thousands of people and we are campaigning alongside them for rights that most sighted people take for granted.

With our focus on mobility, freedom to travel is close to our hearts and we have lobbied extensively for the right of guide dog owners to enjoy access to all forms of transport. We have worked closely with guide dog owners, transport companies and MPs and together we have won major victories. We’ll be launching more campaigns over the coming years.