“The main purpose of my job is to actively challenge discrimination on social and environmental issues”. Neil Howe is the Engagement Officer for the Exeter Mobility Team.

These are some aspects of our engagement work:


If a guide dog owner is denied access to a restaurant, hotel or shop or if they are having difficulty getting around their local area due to bad street design or transport problems we will try to help.


We work to highlight Guide Dogs campaigns in our local area and to encourage guide dog owners and our volunteers to support these campaigns. Details of these campaigns can be found on the Guide Dogs campaigns webpage.


We try to get publicity in local newspapers, on radio and television and by using social media. This publicity is increase awareness of Guide Dogs and to support our campaigning, fundraising and volunteering activities.

Networking and Collaboration

We work with other national and local organisations in the sight loss sector on issues of mutual interest. We maintain links with professionals and volunteers working with and for people with a visual impairment to develop a better understanding of service provision.



Andrew Gilbert, MP for St Austell takes the Guide Dog blindfold challenge to support our “Streets Ahead” campaign with GDMI Karen Price and Dotty, or team dog.