The Guide Dog Service

Exeter Mobility Team - Guide Dog Service

The area covered by the Exeter Mobility Team is South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, Somerset (including North Somerset), Devon (including Torbay and Plymouth) and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.   Our main office is in Exeter but some staff are based at a subsidiary office in Bristol.  We look after approximately 350 guide dog partnerships and each year we train and match about 60 new dogs with new applicants and to replace dogs that have retired.  Liz Orme heads up the team as Service Delivery Manager.  The team consists of the following staff:

Senior Practitioners – Mobility Services:

Anne-Marie and Lucy

Guide Dog Mobility Instructors:

Colin, Emma, Carri, Sue, Keita, Debbie, Karen, and John

Trainee Guide Dog Mobility Instructors:

Charlotte, Evita and Susie

Mobility Instructors:

Jenna, Clara and Clare

Guide Dog Trainers:

Jenny, Bev, and Tracey

Dog Care and Welfare Advisor:


Dog Care and Welfare Assistants:

Jenny and Donna

Puppy Training Supervisors:

Debi, Leah and Lucy

Rehoming Officer:


Technical Trainee:


The Support Team:

Helen, Ros, Kim and Hayley

How is our service delivered?

Clients will meet different staff members at different stages of their application and while they receive a service from us. Mobility Instructors are responsible for working with clients following their initial application, and aim at building up their independent mobility prior to undergoing assessment for a guide dog.

Guide Dog Mobility Instructors will carry out the final stage of the application process – the Guide Dog Assessment – which determines whether a guide dog is suitable for each person. They also carry out the advanced training of the dogs, train clients how to work with their dogs and provide ongoing support to clients throughout their dog’s life.

The Exeter team includes three Guide Dog Trainers. This means that many of our dogs come straight to us from their puppy walker instead of going to our training facility Leamington Spa, which happened previously. Many dogs now live with the same volunteer boarder through both the early and advanced stages of their training and we hope that by reducing the changes that the dogs go through, it will make their transition through this time easier.
Other members of staff are responsible for advising on the welfare of our dogs, supervising puppy walkers, and rehoming dogs when they retire or withdrawn.


Photo shows Guide Dog Owner walking with her dog