London Engagement TeamRob Harris, Dave Kent, Dave’s guide dog Quince and Dave's support worker Mel make up the Engagement Team in London. They are responsible for engaging with media, businesses and organisations in the city to raise awareness of guide dogs in London.

They provide sighted guide training to a wide variety of organisations, including emergency services and train operating companies. If you work for a business or organisation that may benefit from such training, the team would be happy to talk through your request.

They enjoy fantastic positive relationships with some of London’s most significant service providers such as Transport for London, the British Transport Police and Network Rail.

The team also works to serve the needs of guide dog owners across the city by supporting them if they have been denied access to a restaurant or shop or if they are having difficulty in getting around their local area due to bad street design or transport problems. If you are a guide dog owner and wish to report such a problem, please contact the support team as a first point of call.

Another part of Dave’s job is to work with frontline visual impairment services such as Borough Council sensory teams and hospitals specialising in eye care in London. Dave is also the first person a new guide dog applicant will meet with as he is responsible for undertaking the first general information visit.

The Engagement Team also works to highlight current Guide Dog campaigns that call to make a difference for blind and partially sighted people in London. Current campaigns include raising awareness of dog attacks on guide dogs and calling on local councils to improve pedestrianised areas. More on these campaigns, and others can be found on the Campaigns webpage. To help highlight these campaigns, we have a great London Guide Dog Campaign Group formed up of guide dog users and cane users who live, travel and work in the city. They can be called upon to help with media work and act as spokespeople for Guide Dogs.

Rob and Dave can be contacted via email on robert.harris@guidedogs.org.uk or dave.kent@guidedogs.org.uk, or through the support team london@guidedogs.org.uk.

Rob, Dave and Quince