Fundraising collection at Euston StationWant to do something amazing and fun by spending a few hours to organise an event?

Find everything you’ll need and more by visiting the fundraising pages of our website, contacting your local Community Fundraiser, Jacqueline Juden on 0118 983 8489.

You can also join your local fundraising team. They raise thousands of pounds every year by lending a few hours of their time each month to set up fundraising events, run stalls and organise collections at supermarkets, train stations and in the street.

If you’d like to find out if there is a group in your area and how to get in touch, then give Jacqueline a ring or drop her an email

If there's no group in your area but you’d like to start one, get in touch with Jacqueline and we’ll help give you all the training and support you need to get it off the ground!