What our current volunteers say

There are many ways you could volunteer for Guide Dogs London Mobility Team. Why not have a read of what a couple of our current volunteers think about volunteering for Guide Dogs.

Michelle And LucyName: Michelle Lo
Volunteer roles:

  • Boarder
  • Boarder coordinator
  • My Guide support

My husband Ivan and I adore dogs, but we can’t have a pet because we are not sure if our lifestyle will change in the near future. We had been doing some charitable work for the homeless shelter and wanted to do something more. Ivan found out about being a volunteer boarder on the Guide Dogs’ website and we thought it was a brilliant idea.

I recently saw a blind person walking with his cane (without a dog) near Euston station, trying to get around the metal barrier gates but his cane kept going through the gaps of the gates, misguiding him to the wrong direction so he kept on hitting the gates. I then realised how important it is to have another means of getting around, having a guide dog.

Because of my volunteering, I feel more confident in dealing with people that I haven’t met before, I feel useful in that I’m helping blind and partially sighted people, even in an indirect way and I feel happier, not just because I now have access to dogs, but the staff in the London office are just brilliant.
It’s just an absolute pleasure to be part of the volunteer team, to help blind and partially sighted people and to contribute to society in this way.

Name: Jackie PalmerJackie Palmer and puppy Wolf
Volunteer roles:

  • Puppy Walker

"I have enjoyed every minute with my Guide Dog puppy, he is a joy to have and the kids love him. My son was not really confident around dogs before we got Wolf, but now he loves dogs. I have met so many people since becoming a Puppy walker and I have seen and heard, first-hand the benefits a trained guide has in the life of a visually impaired person. I am happy that I am able to make a difference in somebody's life by looking after Wolf for the 1st year."

  - Jackie Palmer, puppy walker of Wolf in West Ham