Brighton and Hove bus driver challenge

Brighton BusesBus drivers faced a series of challenges to get an understanding of what journeys are like for blind passengers. Staff at Brighton and Hove Bus Company were blindfolded to get an insight into the difficulties visually impaired people face using public transport. Volunteers for the training day, and Brighton and Hove Mayor Brian Fitch, were set tasks by Guide Dogs at the bus company's Lewes Road depot.

The drivers met the guide dogs and guided each other as they boarded buses, walked up stairs and made food and drinks. More training courses are being arranged and the project is part of the company's drive to make buses accessible for all. Managing Director Martin Harris said that by December, the company's entire 270-bus fleet will have next-stop announcements - 24 of these will be new vehicles.

"This is all part of our plans to continue improving our services and these steps will help the driver to better assist the customer. Working with Guide Dogs was invaluable to help us learn more directly from the user and what is important to them."