Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

"As a team of Guide Dog Mobility Instructors working across Manchester, Lancashire and the Isle of Man we have a wonderfully diverse role that encompasses taking our dogs from the dog supply unit at one of the four training centres across the country and working with them in advanced training, for around 16 weeks.

Once confident in the dogs ability we look how we can 'match' them to a suitable service user on our local list. If a successful match is made we will take the dog and service user to client training, often in a local hotel but occasionally to be trained within their own home. Here we help teach the client to care and look after their dogs and how to handle them safely and effectively. Once trained we maintain regular visits to help keep up the good work and we are always on hand to respond to issues that a client may experience in their partnership both in the early days and beyond. As GDMI's we play a role within the Buddy Dog service both in interviewing potential Buddy Dog carers and supporting them once they have been matched."