Mobility Team Manager

Mobility Team Manager - Richard Bounds

"I have been working for Guide Dogs since Feb 2012. My background has been in Visual Impairment and Sensory Services and I am a qualified Rehabilitation and Mobility Instructor. I  have nearly 20 years experience in the sector and has worked in Local Authority and other charity settings. My mum has been a guide dog owner for many years, so I have grown up with personal experience of the work that Guide Dogs do, as well as a real sense of pride!

The Mobility Team Manager (MTM) is responsible for coordinating all the various functions within the team. The structure is a new way of working for Guide Dogs and part of the MTM's role is to identify opportunities for the different roles to work together to improve the ways we help people to become more mobile.

Along with 5 other MTMs in the region and 20 in total across the UK, I share good practice with the other teams and makes sure that Guide Dogs services work well for the people of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the Isle Of Man."