Ellie's Eyes

Ellie using her long caneThree year old Ellie suffers from a rare genetic degenerative retinal disease called Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), caused by a mutation of the GUCY2D gene rendering her registered Severely Sight Impaired since birth.  This extremely rare condition affects 1:80,000 people with vision ranging from totally blind to having some light perception.  We set-up Ellie's Eyes as a charitable organisation to directly fund research which is getting ever closer to helping the sufferers of this rare condition across the globe.

Earlier this year our charitable organisation Ellie's Eyes, was selected by John Lewis in Peterborough for their charity token scheme (community matters).  Every three months the shop donates £3000 and divides it between the three local groups selected. John Lewis’ customers decide how much each nominated group receives by voting with green tokens received when making a purchase from the John Lewis café.

The scheme has come to an end and I am very pleased to say, raised an absolutely fantastic £1680.

100% of the money donated to Ellie's Eyes goes directly into GUCY2D research at the Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania where specialists are currently working on a gene therapy treatment to restore useful vision to sufferers of Ellie's condition.

Thanks to everyone who donated their tokens to Ellie's Eyes.

We have a Facebook group, search for Ellie's Eyes and request to join.