Help us to make the streets of Norwich and District safer places for Guide Dog owners

You may know we are trying to promote the new part of the dangerous dog act legislation to our police forces and whilst we have all three forces (Norfolk, Cambridge and Suffolk) signed up to the service level agreement (attached for information) we still need to do much more work with the police forces. This can be done by providing training, briefings, posters, campaigning and working to help prevent incidents.

CI Nathan Clark of Norwich and district wants to put in preventative steps in Norwich and District (areas below) to help educate dog owners on how they can be responsible dog owners. You may have heard or read in the local paper that last year one of our guide dog owners walked around Norwich with CI Clark highlighting some problem areas and the kind of incidents which causes fear in our guide dog owners. This exercise has stayed with CI Clark and he needs our help to make the streets of Norwich a safer place for Guide Dog owners.

So what can you do to help?
If you live or visit Norwich and district we need information on when you have felt fearful, anxious, and nervous or blatantly won't walk through an area because you have experienced dogs which present themselves as a potential threat to you and your guide dog.  You or your guide dog don't have to have experienced an attack, this is about trying to prevent potential attacks happening.  Either e-mail me or ring the office on 01189838741 or 0345 1430223 with the following information.  By providing this information we can report this into the police where they will send PC's to the area to educate the public.  If we can provide information and after time we can see there has been a change in the public this would be an excellent model to roll out to other forces - but we need your help to do this.

We won't pass your contact information onto the police! By providing your contact details to us the police will provide feedback to the office for us to let you know what has happened due to you reporting the incident.

Information to give Guide Dogs.
Name & contact number, day, and time (approximate), location / street / area (this could be something like Magdalene Street outside QD), description of what happened - don't worry if you are not able to provide a description of the person or dog.  It is more about the location, day and time.

Norwich and District areas covered
City Centre, Thorpe Hamlet, West Centre, Clover Hill, West Earlham, University & Dereham Road, Larkman and Marlpit, Eaton, Lakenham, Tuckswood, Vauxhall Street and Golden Triangle, Thorpe Hamlet, Heartsease & Pilling Park, Silver Triangle and Constitution Hill, Mile Cross, Catton and Fiddlewood


County Service Level Agreements

Download the following Service Level Agreements for each county.

Suffolk Police with Guide Dogs

Cambridgeshire Police with Guide Dogs

Norfolk Police with Guide Dogs