Blind Fold Walk and Bus ride with MP Richard Fuller in Bedford

Richard Fuller MP, guide dog Layla, Sue Rowen and Thelma Somers HoltOn Tuesday 23rd April 2014, the Welwyn Garden city Team Engagement Officer, Sue Rowen and Guide Dog Owner, Barbara Norton, put MP Richard Fuller through his paces.They were supported by Sighted Guides, Thelma Somers-Holt and Penny Kraft and, of course, their amazing Guide Dogs, Layla and Tommy.

The Blindfold Walk started from Barbara’s home negotiating cracked and dangerous pavements to her bus stop, which Richard had to tackle using a long cane.

During the bus ride they highlighted the difficulties of bus travel for a person who is blind or partially sighted when Audio Visual announcements are not provided. The last stage of the challenge through a pedestrianized High Street, an arcade with plenty advertising boards and through the local market gave Richard many examples on how street clutter presents additional challenges.

They were met, at their final destination by Samantha from the local fundraising branch for a welcome cuppa and a tea cake. Feedback at the end of the event from Richard was that he found it a very worthwhile experience and he pledged to support us in our Talking Buses and other campaigns. In closing, Richard said “I need to get those pavements sorted!