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National Breeding Centre

National Breeding Centre front of building

Come and see the puppies who become life-changing guide dogs throughout the UK. They all start their journey at our National Breeding Centre located just outside Leamington Spa. At the centre we have the room to breed up to 1500 puppies a year and since we opened our doors in 2011 we have now bred over 9000 puppies. That's a lot of life changers!

Our scheduled tours are suitable for all ages and abilities and our Puppy Helper Experiences from the age of 5 upwards. Those that attend the tours get a chance to see the puppies as they socialise and grow, gaining experience of everyday sights and sounds which help them develop the skills needed to become guide dogs.

You can find out how the centre was built by clicking through the links to the left of this page on factsphotos of build diary, history and information for visitors.

Two Puppies At The National Breeding Centre Lay In Their Basket 2


9,068 puppies have been born so far!

A puppy sleeping at the NBC

Book a tour

To book a tour please email us or phone 0345 1430216.

Become a Patron

Patron With A Small Puppy

If you would like to make a life changing gift and become a National Breeding Centre Patron with an annual gift of £1000 or more please contact Alison Parker or call 0118 983 8737 or 07789 617807. Discover more about becoming a patron.