Facts about the NBC

Guide Dogs National Puppy walkers Alison and Betty Brown with Tony Aston, Guide Dogs trustee, at the stonelaying ceremony in November 2010Breeding Centre:

  • There have now been over 5000 pups born.
  • 2 out of 3, or in the region of 1800, have already gone on or will go on to become a guide dog and change the life of their blind or partially sighted owner. Some of the others will become buddy dogs or work as assistance Dogs for people who have other disabilities.
  • Plays a crucial part of the Building Extraordinary Partnerships Strategy, and will help us increase the number of guide dog partnerships.
  • Allows us to increase our capacity to breed puppies from 1,100 to 1,500 annually.
  • Has environmentally-friendly features including rainwater harvest, a bio-fuel boiler and natural ventilation.
  • Took around 15 months to construct.
  • Features specially engraved plaques dedicated to the late Derek Freeman, who founded our breeding programme, and to two amazing puppy walkers, sisters Alison and Betty Brown, who voluntarily walked more than 90 puppies between them.
  • Gives donors the chance to become a part of Guide Dogs' history by sponsoring a part of the building or being featured on the donor recognition wall. If you are interested in becoming a donor, contact alison.parker@guidedogs.org.uk / 0118 983 8737.


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