Staff and volunteers

Staff And Puppies At National Breeding CentreAs one of the largest breeding programmes in the world, we are heavily reliant on our dedicated volunteers who take care of our breeding stock from one year of age. Those caring for our Guide Dog mums not only care for the bitch and her general welfare, but are tasked with housing her during her pregnancy and assisting with the whelping and rearing of her pups through to 6 weeks of age.

They are, of course, ably supported by a team of qualified and professional staff who visit as required to offer advice, support and hands on help and who generally monitor and supervise the whole process. The wider team is made up of staff who liaise with veterinary professionals to ensure the very best care is provided to our dogs.

There are those that care for our dogs when they are on site as well as technicians skilled in monitoring fertility and assessing the right time to conduct matings in order to enhance conception rates. In addition a team of support staff provide valuable assistance to the management team and staff who work on developing and managing the visitor tours, fundraising and coordinating and supporting all our volunteers.


180,000 blind and partially sighted people rarely leave home alone, we will not rest until they are able to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.