Canine research

Puppy Vet300At Guide Dogs we believe that ensuring the health and welfare of all our dogs is a top priority and will enable a good quality of life which produces better performance. This includes breeding stock (stud dogs and brood bitches), puppies, working guide dogs and retired guide dogs.

We have had our canine research programme since 1990 and the research that has been conducted has helped improve the quality of our breeding programmes, the health and well-being of our dogs and this has improved the effectiveness of our dogs throughout their working lives.

Our research is focussed on projects that enable us to:

  • Improve the efficiency of the selection of breeding stock and breeding practices to maximise production
  • Identify optimal methods of rearing puppies to maximise their potential
  • Develop assessment techniques that allow for the early identification of puppies unlikely to succeed in the training to become guide dogs

The outcomes of the research that is conducted in-house and with external collaborators are used to inform and modify our everyday working practices to ensure that we work as efficiently as possible.



Guide Dogs has had a canine research programme since 1990