Another great partnership

Iggy In The Studio 600Px

Fifty years after first working together, Guide Dogs and Blue Peter have teamed up again! To celebrate, Blue Peter have named guide dog puppy Iggy and will be following her as she works towards graduating as a fully qualified guide dog.

Iggy, the guide dog puppy whose progress is being followed by Blue Peter, is now almost a year old!

Blue Peter has been by Iggy’s side from the day she was born at the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre on 19 April 2014. She’s now a regular feature on the show and a big part of the Blue Peter family. 

Iggy lives with her puppy walker Anna, a Guide Dogs volunteer, who is teaching her the important basics before she can be considered for advanced training. 

Over the last 9 months Iggy has gradually been introduced to lots of different fun and exciting environments, from cars, trains and trams to schools and restaurants. In addition to this she’s become a media super star, appearing live in the Blue Peter studio most Thursdays, as well as being featured on CBBC’s Newsround and joining Chris Evans for his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

You can follow Iggy’s progress by reading up on her puppy walker’s blog and by tuning in to Blue Peter, Thursdays on CBBC at 5:30pm.

50 years ago

In 1964 Blue Peter welcomed Guide Dog Honey to the team. She was puppy-walked by presenters Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton for a year until she went into advanced training and in September 1966 she took her final guide dog assessment and passed with flying colours. Now Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russell is hoping she can encourage the latest addition to the Blue Peter team to do the same, and will be working with a puppy-walking family to help train the dog.

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