Cities Unlocked, exploring cities through sound

Getting around cities is a nerve wracking experience for too many people, especially those living with sight loss. Too often it can feel like public spaces and services - from parks to transport systems - are designed with insufficient consideration for the people they serve.

Combining the expertise of Microsoft, Guide Dogs and Future Cities Catapult with other organisations, Cities Unlocked has developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges people with sight loss face when using our cities. This has enabled us to develop a new technology that could eventually help unlock cities for everyone.

To find out more please watch the Cities Unlocked video.

The early results show that sound-based technology has the potential to improve the way people experience the city. Indeed, our trials and research show that the technology we’re testing can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, giving people with sight loss more confidence when they’re out and about in an urban environment.

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Chris Yates Profile 230PxChris Yates 

Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor


20140910 Edlmn Ms 0267 250PxKirstie Grice

Kirstie is a cane user from Reading, she has been involved with the initiative since the very beginning.



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