Pupdate 1

The training of a real life Hero

We are very excited to introduce to you the face of Dogs Unite, Hero the Guide Dog puppy! We will be following Hero over the course of the year to see what it takes to become a fully trained guide dog.

Let’s find out a little bit more about this gorgeous pup. Hero is a yellow Labrador, Retriever cross, born on 6th October 2013 to a litter of 10 puppies. He is now living with his puppy walker and two other dogs, one of which is also a guide dog puppy, who was quick to take Hero under his wing.

So how do you train a real life Hero?

A guide dog puppy needs to learn about everyday life, so it is important for them to go out and about to practice walking on a lead and to experience everything a normal day can hold. So far Hero has been to local shops and on public transport. His most memorable trip out into the big wide world was when he was invited to go to Hamleys in London to meet none other than Santa Clause himself as part of Guide Dogs Christmas Campaign. What an exciting day for a little pup!

With Christmas fast approaching we heard that our little Hero had settled in very well with his puppy walker and has enjoyed being taken on many trips out and about. On the big day itself Hero was a complete angel and thoroughly enjoyed and embraced the Christmas celebrations (and the doggy presents and treats that came along with them!).

Now into a new year, Hero is growing fast and learning all about the world around him. Join us for our next pupdate on the training of a real life hero to see how Hero is progressing.

In the meantime we hope you like the picture of puppy Hero with his big brother and fellow guide dog puppy in training, Brad.

Hero snuggled up to his big brother Brad