Pupdate 2

The training of a real life Hero

Welcome to Hero’s second pupdate where we will be finding out a little bit more about how Hero the Guide Dog puppy is progressing.

As we mentioned in our last pupdate it is important for guide dog puppies to experience the outside world and the obstacles that come with it, this includes experiencing different modes of transport, so that as a working guide dog they do not get fazed by them. 

This month Hero has been experiencing public transport! We have learnt from his puppy walker that he has been on numerous trips out and about on the local bus and learning all about how public transport works. We have even heard that Hero has been taken out on his first high speed train journey which he thoroughly enjoyed and in true Hero style behaved as good as gold!

Experiencing the outside world and basic training is an important aspect of being a guide dog puppy but equally important for a guide dog puppy is to have plenty of down time.  Hero thoroughly enjoys his training but we hear that in his downtime he loves nothing better than playing with brothers Brad and Tim and at the end of the day relaxing in bed with his favourite blankie.

Remember to look out next month for our third pupdate on the training of a real life hero!

In the meantime we hope you like this picture of Hero patiently waiting for his bus.

Hero waiting patiently for a bus