The training of a real life Hero Pupdate 3

The training of a real life Hero Pupdate 3

Welcome to Hero’s third pupdate!

Well it has been an emotional month for Hero and his puppy walkers as they have had to bid farewell to Hero’s big brother and fellow guide dog in training Brad, who left his puppy walkers to move to Redbridge to start his formal training and continue on his guide dog journey. Despite having to say goodbye to his big brother, our little pup soldiered on like a true Hero and focused all his attention on following in Brad’s footsteps and becoming a fully trained Guide Dog!

Aside from the goodbyes this month has been an exciting one for Hero. He has enjoyed a trip to the seaside and discovered all that it has to offer and of course the joys of sand. Hero is now also regularly taken to the park where he can practice free running off his lead. Free running is an important part of daily life for Guide Dogs as it allows them the chance to run around, sniff and play.

We hear that Hero has also been taken out on some fundraising events and street collections where he has helped raise awareness of Guide Dogs. This is fantastic experience for Hero as it allows him the opportunity to socialise with other guide dog puppies and members of the public which also forms an important part of being a Guide Dog.

Remember to look out next month for our fourth pupdate on the training of a real life hero!

We hope you like the picture of Hero helping to fundraise for Guide Dogs with his puppy walker.

Hero next to a Guide Dogs collection bucket