The training of a real life Hero Pupdate 5

The training of a real life Hero Pupdate 5

Welcome to Hero’s fifth Pupdate!

It has been a very exciting month for Hero, as the ‘Big event of the year’ arrived on 14 June at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, that’s right it was the long awaited Dogs Unite headline event!

What a fantastic day our little pup had.  Hero rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jade Etherington, Jorgie Porter, Sean Palmer, Mr Hendrix, Ashley and Pudsey, he even had his photo taken with them all in front of the Olympic stadium!

Well the day just got better and better, Hero proudly completed his Dogs Unite sponsored dog walk with all his other four-legged companions.  He enjoyed the doggy entertainment in the main arena and the sights and smells coming from the food and trade stands.  Hero even bumped into his sister Harmony which caused great excitement and the perfect ending to a great day!

After having such a fantastic time at the Dogs Unite headline event and enjoying being in the limelight, this little pup decided not to let his new found fame go to his head.  Instead the next day he worked harder than ever, practising his commands and preparing to join the Kent Guide Dogs Display team the following weekend.  On the day of the display, we hear that Hero showed off his knowledge of the sit, stand, stay, down and recall commands and performed excellently.

Remember to look out next month for our sixth pupdate on the training of a real life hero!

We hope you enjoy this picture of Hero with his celebrity pals!

Hero with some of his celebrity friends