The training of a real life Hero Pupdate 7

The training of a real life Hero Pupdate 7

Welcome to Hero’s seventh Pupdate!

After the excitement of last month with Dogs Unite and Hero’s London trips, you might think things would become boring – but the life of a puppy with a mission is never dull! After making a late scheduled appearance at a local educational academy to support the name a puppy at school campaign, Hero was back training on his commands and street work.

Hero also had a chance to join another Dogs Unite walk, supporting the Sevenoaks Branch team for their walk at the White Rock Inn near Sevenoaks, and had a great time (Picture 1). You may have seen the picture of him proudly displaying his certificate on the Dogs Unite Facebook page – he was so pleased to have completed another Dogs Unite event!

After visiting Dartford Football Club last month, Hero got another taste of football, this time at Millwall’s pre- season against Real-Mallorca. Hero enjoyed the game from his own seat in the stand, was photographed in the club reception by the ladies in the press office and behaved impeccably.

Hero also re-joined the Kent Guide Dog Puppy Display team and to make an appearance at Hever Castle in Kent. The surroundings were beautiful and Hero performed his display very well as did his fellow puppies. Hero then posed for a team picture and joined Sam Wong, Puppy Supervisor, in the photo line-up.

Remember to look out next month for our eighth pupdate on the training of a real life hero!

Hero following his Sevenoak friends