Fundraising ideas

White Retreiver with Dogs Unite cape

Once you have registered for a Dogs Unite walk, you will receive a welcome pack in the post which includes your super hero dog cape. Then it’s time to start fundraising! 

Get your fundraising off to a great start by creating an online giving page, and download our sponsor form and shopping list.

To help you on your way we've put together a great A to Z list of fundraising ideas to help you raise sponsorship for your walk, and some special ideas below to get your four-paw hero raising pounds too!

1.          'Bark box'
Set up a communal 'bark box' with your fellow dog lovers – everyone drops a pound into the bark box whenever their dog barks!
2.          Pet the pooch
Animals are a great way to ease pressure and promote relaxation, and your pooch can help people chill out! Charge people a nominal £1 fee to have a cuddle with your dog. This is great to do at a 'bring your dog to work' day – check with your employer if they allow this.
3.          Star of the show
Set up a pop-up photo booth and invite people to have their picture taken with your dog! Why not make it hero themed – get people to dress as their favourite super hero, and show off how super your dog is too!
4.          Neighbourhood dog wash
Let your shiny super pooch set the standard – offer to wash your neighbour's dogs for a small donation.
5.          Hold your own dog show
Invite your fellow dog lovers to a dog show in your own garden, hosted by your own four-legged fundraiser, and charge a small entry fee. Who has the waggiest tail? The best super hero pose?

Paying in your sponsorship