How your money helps

Eye with breakdown of a pound

Every penny you raise makes a real difference to someone living with sight loss. Guide Dogs relies on your donations to continue our life-changing work, which is why you and your dog really are our heroes!

How your money helps

  • 80p could help feed a guide dog for a day.
  • £2 could buy a dog bowl to feed a hungry pup after a hard day's work
  • £5 could support a working guide dog partnership for a day
  • £10 could buy a grooming kit to keep a guide dog looking and feeling great!
  • £15 could buy a lead for use in basic guide dog training or for a working partnership
  • £25 could buy a white harness, the iconic symbol of a fully qualified guide dog
  • £50 could buy an Off to School Kit for a puppy moving into puppy walking training
  • £95 could buy a Training School Kit for a guide dog starting training at training school
  • £140 could buy a Starter Kit for a new guide dog owner

Breakdown of a Pound PDF 2MB

This is only the start – read more about how we spend your money.

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