Celeb Chef Tom Kerridge talks dogs dinner

Dogs Unite’s very own Jo met TV chef and dog owner Tom Kerridge at the BBC Good Food Show this month, and found out more about Tom’s dogs Marley, Sponge and Inky.


You have three dogs, all different breeds: how did you decide what dogs to have?

The Spaniel was the first dog that we had. Marley is now 13 years old. We got him as a puppy when we were living in London, we got him because of his friendly personality. Size wise, he’s a small dog that could live in a flat with a small garden in North London.Tomgoodfoodshow

Sponge the boxer we got because our second dog was actually a boxer from a rescue, called Georgie, whose tattoo of her front right paw I have on my left arm. She was stuck to me like glue and was definitely my best mate. She lived until she was 12 year old.

I love the way that boxers have a puppy like personality that doesn’t change throughout their live so when George went, we wanted another boxer. So we have had Sponge from a puppy, she is 7 years old and is a little bit like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Inky is a French bulldog. We fancied a third dog.
Such a small dog but such a powerful character, fun and headstrong. Above all else, possibly one of the funniest things on planet earth.

What are their personalities like?

Marley is like the old man of the group. Quite happily spends a lot of time in ‘Marley land’. Sponge is always full of energy, always pleased to see people. Not so good with other dogs. Inky is headstrong and very funny. And snores loads! But very friendly.

Where is your favourite place to take your dogs for a walk?

Marlow Common. Very early, quite often get to see deer, rabbits and other wildlife.

What are your dogs’ favourite meals? And have you ever cooked them something?

We are very careful with the dogs’ diets, as all three are different ages and breeds. A dry food mix with tinned tuna is their favourite. And every now and then, they do get spoilt with leftover curry. One thing I’ve learnt is that boxers love curry!

If you were a dog for a day what would you do? 

Enter Britain’s Got Talent, and walk across 2 ropes 6 feet off the ground. Bark at the postman and chase parked cars.

Your dog has talent – get involved!