Thank you for joining us at The Pet Show!

White retriever dog standing with his tongue out with a Dogs Unite cape on

Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand at The Pet Show and joined our Dogs Unite walk and canine quiz on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 August.

We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed meeting all your four-legged family members! We’ve created a photo album on our Facebook page, so if you have any pictures from the day do share them with us – you can post them to our Facebook page or email them to us at

A very special thank you to those who raised sponsorship for this event – your support is invaluable to Guide Dogs, and we’re so grateful for everything you’ve raised. Together you’ve raised almost £2,000 for us so far, and we wanted to show you some examples of how your money can help - £2,000 could:

  • Pay for 100 hours of training at a Guide Dogs Training School.
  • Buy Starter Kits for 14 new guide dog owners
  • Pay for 80 white harnesses: the iconic symbol of a fully qualified guide dog
  • Support a guide dog partnership for over a year

If you’re ready to pay in your sponsorship, great! There are several ways you can do this - please visit our page on how to pay this in for more information, or call us on 0845 600 6787 and we’ll be happy to help.


How to pay in your sponsorship