Meet the Global heroes: Guide Dogs Victoria, Australia

French Bulldog with Dogs Unite Victoria Cape We’re eagerly counting down to our Global Dogs Unite event now, and to help unite dogs and their owners across the world, we thought we’d introduce you to the other guide dog charities who have got involved to help take Dogs Unite worldwide!


Guide Dogs Victoria – About Dogs Unite

Guide Dogs Victoria held their first Dogs Unite event in May 2015.  The event saw supporters from the community come together to enjoy a fantastic day out showing their support for their canine heroes: guide dogs. Everyday dogs, from across Victoria became heroes and raised vital funds and awareness for Guide Dogs Victoria. The event was a real success, and many dogs came along to show the world how to be a four-paw hero.

Labrador Puppies wearing Dogs Unite Victoria CapesIn 2016 Guide Dogs Victoria will be holding their Dogs Unite event alongside Guide Dogs UK and Blind Foundation New Zealand on Sunday 17th April. Their target for the day is to raise $35,000 - enough funds to breed, raise and train one working guide dog. That’s no mean feat, but with enough paws pounding the streets, we’re sure they’ll reach their target in no time! 

About Guide Dogs Victoria

  • Guide Dogs Victoria is Australia's largest and most successful breeder and trainer of Guide Dogs nationally, providing more than 70 per cent of Guide Dogs to Victoria’s blind or vision impaired.
  • The organisation also offers wider support of vision impaired and blind Victorians through a variety of programs including; Children/Youth Services, Adult Services, Acquired Brain Injury Mobility Services and Occupational Therapy Services.
  • Guide Dogs Victoria receives only 8 per cent of Government funding for services other than Guide Dog Mobility, which is reliant on community donations exclusively.


By uniting dogs across the globe, Guide Dogs UK, Guide Dogs Victoria, and The Blind Foundation aim to raise awareness of the life-changing difference guide dogs make to people who are blind or partially sighted.

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