Top 5 ways to show your dog some love this National Dog Day

A woman is pictured holding two dachshunds in her arms, smiling down at them. The image also contains Guide Dogs, Dogs Unite and "National Dog Day" logos

With National Dog Day (August 26) just around the corner, we here at Dogs Unite have come up with five ways for you to show your dog some love to celebrate!

Of course every dog is different, but you may be surprised at just how easy it can be to spoil your canine companion rotten…

5. Take them on a car ride
For those car-savvy canines a car ride can be a really exciting prospect – especially if you’re going somewhere special! So hit the road and get adventuring!

4. Check out the groom room
Not for every dog, but sometimes a pamper is just what the veterinary doctor ordered. Even better – spruce up your hound yourself! All that grooming helps your dog feel part of your pack and will strengthen the familial bond.

3. Buy them a new toy – or three…
There’s no greater joy for a dog than new toy day. Chewy ones, squeaky ones, tasty ones, brainy ones, the options are endless – just make sure to set your limit – especially if you still haven’t managed to say no to those puppy dog eyes…

2. Time for a doggie paddle!
We’ve all been there. You’re trying a new dog walk that your friend so highly recommended and then you see it. The lake. You change direction, hoping they haven’t spotted it yet. And then you hear the splash.

Dogs love to swim, and it’s a fantastic way to keep their heart healthy. Just remember to check where you’re going is safe for dogs to swim, and watch out for that post swim waggy tail. Oh, and don’t forget to bring some old towels!

1. Did someone say W-A-L-K?
It’s the ultimate happy-hour! It’s not just your dog’s health that benefits from a W-A-L-K. Boosted endorphins, improved bone health, heart health, and mental health are all benefits that dog walkers can enjoy. On top of all that there’s the increased bonding time with your dog, and de-stress time for you both.

Make your dog walk extraordinary
Did you know that your dog can be a hero, just by going for a walk?

This National Dog Day, do a Dogs Unite sponsored dog walk for Guide Dogs. Raise pounds with those paws and help breed and train more life-changing guide dogs!

Getting involved is easy:
• Sign your dog up to Dogs Unite National Dog Day
• Receive your fundraising pack in the post, complete with hero dog cape!
• Do your walk at a time and place to suit you
• Pay in your fundraising, and help change someone’s life

Your support helps thousands of guide dog owners live lives of freedom and independence – just like everyone else.

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