10 ways to jazz up your dog walk!

A white dog shakes off water in the sun

There’s not long left to go until Walking the Dog Day! We asked you to come up with your best ways to jazz up a dog walk. Here are some of your suggestions!

1. Hide and Seek
If you’re walking with a group, one person can go and hide while the other people wait with your dog. Once they’re hidden, send your dog to find them!

“When we’re out I like to hide things and then spend a while encouraging them to seek it. They get very excited and it keeps them fit and mentally stimulated.” - Nicola

2. Sing while you’re walking
Make a list of songs with the word ‘dog’ in to sing while you walk with your four-legged friend.

3. Socialize
“I create a group walk, or use a dog walk Facebook page to find someone nearby to buddy up with on walks!” – Kerry-Anne

Invite your family and friends to join you with their dogs and make it a sociable occasion with your loved ones. It’s a great chance for your pooch to interact with other dogs too!

4. Dog agility course
Create an assault course on your walk to challenge your dog and to test their agility.

5. Swap your dog
Swap dogs with a family member or friend and enjoy the company of another pooch for your walk.

“I quite often borrow my friends dog Paddy – and we have so much fun! I think he really enjoys showing me all his favourite spots to play.” - Jo

6. Walk a new route
Take your dog somewhere you haven’t been before and enjoy exploring somewhere new. Your dog will love experiencing the smells of a new environment.

7. Obedience work
Take some treats with you on your walk and try some obedience training. It’s a great way to build a special bond with your dog!

“I have a Staffie so need to jazz up his walk. He will happily run and bring back things I throw, and he knows to walk alongside me off the lead. For recall he knows that as soon as I raise my hand it’s time to come sit down and for him to go back onto his leash” – Lizzie

8. Geocaching
Use GPS to find the geocache boxes in real-life locations; open the box to find a reward inside, and replace it with an item of your own for the next geocache adventurer.

9. Pokémon Go
This free app game is a great way of turning your daily dog walk into a game. Get rewarded for longer distance walks, hatch eggs, find your favourite Pokémon at real-life locations!

“Pokémon Go works really well for Mia and myself; I get to hatch a lot more eggs and she gets to go on a longer walk!” - Lea

10. Walk your dog in fancy dress
Why not get dressed up and walk your dog in style? You can dress up as your favourite movie character, animal, or even get dressed up as your dog!

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