Changing lives across the world

Guide dog puppy Roman (yellow lab) lies on the grass, looking straight at the camera.

As part of our Global Dogs Unite campaign – which is all about celebrating the incredible job guide dogs do all over the world – we looked at how guide dog organisations collaborate across borders to help people with sight loss.

The International Guide Dog Federation
Guide Dogs UK is one of the founding members of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF). The Federation promotes international good practice in the breeding and training of dogs and education of their owners in current and newly formed schools. There are over 80 member schools around the world, and more information about the Federation can be found on their website.

International collaboration
Guide Dogs UK regularly collaborates with international members of IGDF / guide dog schools. In particular, international collaboration is extremely important for breeding programmes because genetic diversity is essential. This international collaboration takes many forms. Some of our dogs travel abroad, whether on loan or donated permanently. Depending on the needs of each guide dog organisation, we either exchange or donate dogs / frozen semen, or request a puppy back from a resulting litter – all in order to diversify our lines. 

More recently, Guide Dogs UK has received stud dog Echo and brood bitch Ester (Labradors) from Australia and have sent over frozen semen from some of our studs to Japan Guide Dogs.

Can you help someone living with sight loss?
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