Dogs Unite goes Global

A girl in a blue top with her back to the camera holds a puppy in her arms. The puppy is looking over her shoulder, straight at the camera. There is a silhouette icon on the image: a dog wearing a cape, sitting on top of a globe.

In 2016, Guide Dogs was part of something incredible: an international sponsored dog walk celebrating the incredible job guide dogs do all over the world. Across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, thousands of supporters came together to raise funds for a life-changing cause.

Guess what? Global Dogs Unite is back in 2017!
Guide dog organisations across Europe and Africa are uniting with us to create a worldwide movement.

Across the world, there are about 285 million people living with a visual impairment1: and about 20,500 guide dogs2. In the UK, almost two million people are living with sight loss.

At Guide Dogs, we want to create a world where blind people no longer feel invisible. A world with enough support to make the challenges of sight loss no barrier to fulfilling your needs and dreams. 

We believe that you and your dog have the power to give someone a new life. So join our global movement by doing a sponsored dog walk on Sunday 23 April, and take our £35 fundraising challenge!

1: See
2: Guide dogs trained by members of the International Guide Dog Federation. Figures at the end of 2014.

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