How I know my guide dog loves me

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We’ve been asking you to get in touch with us to let you know why you love your dog, but what about the ways that you know they love you?

Here’s guide dog owner Aaron to tell us about how he knows that his guide dog, Banwell, loves him.

My guide dog Banwell is my best friend, a great wing man and canine superman!

As well as giving me back my independence and the confidence to get out and about, he constantly provides unconditional love and affection.

I know Banwell loves me because he always wags his tail when he sees me, and never takes his eyes off me when I’m at work.

Another way I know Banwell loves me is because he follows me around the house and always wants to be by my side.

He is always ready to work when I need him and happy to go anywhere with me at any time.

Banwell also shows his affection by sitting on my lap and having a cuddle when I sit on the floor.

I believe the love shown by a dog is unrivalled!

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