I love my guide dog because…

Yellow lab, Quiver, looks at the camera with his mouth open whilst wearing his guiding harness

There’s just one month left to go until our National Dog Day sponsored dog walk for Guide Dogs, and who better to tell you how the funds that you and your four-legged heroes are raising will change a life than a guide dog owner themselves?

We spoke to guide dog owner Victoria about why she loves her guide dog Quiver, and how he has changed her life. Here’s what she had to say…

Everyone who has a guide dog will say that their dog is their best friend, companion, and their eyes when they don't have them. For me it's so much more than that: Quiver is the one that knows me better than anyone in this world, and no matter what will always put me first. No matter the time, day or what we are doing he will always sense what I need and when I need a cuddle.

I love my dog for his sensitive side of always not only sensing my needs, but also the needs of others. We can be in a supermarket (and I do pause and take my time with things) and he will know when others need a cuddle and a love. I don't know how he does it, but he does. He knows that once his handle is down he can say hello to people as he is very friendly and everyone in our area loves him.

At times I have found him cuddled up to people and some are crying, others laughing as he snuggles closer, and smiling so bright; I'm told “thank you so much, how did he know that's exactly what I needed?”. For one reason or another their day had been horrible before my lovely Quiver had made it for them!

That's why I truly love my guide dog as he has changed my life. Every day when we are out and about he brings joy and happiness to everyone he meets! We are always happy to talk to people and he absolutely loves to see people and make their day which then makes me happy as I have made someone smile.

A guide dog not only helps your mobility (obviously Quiver has helped me get out and about), but they also make a huge difference to your mental wellbeing - which a lot of people will never think of.

Before I lost my sight I was very confident, outgoing and talkative. After losing my sight I lost myself, and getting a gregarious dog like Quiver who wants to make people's day just like I used to, has helped me make massive strides into being the talkative and confident person I am now.

To me I love nothing more than to make people smile and feel that yes, they have made a connection with the world, and Quiver definitely helps me do that.

Your dog has the power to change someone’s life. Join Dogs Unite’s National Dog Day sponsored dog walk, and the funds that you and your dog raise will help train the next generation of guide dog puppies.

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