Meet the international dogs!

In our article a couple of weeks ago we talked about international collaboration between guide dog organisations, and how genetic diversity is essential in maintaining a strong, healthy breeding programme. Meet some of the international dogs who help make this happen!

Former brood bitch Harriet (Golden Retriever) was donated to us by Irish Guide Dogs and produced 36 puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Harriet From Ireland






German Shepherd Daria was exported in 2015 as a puppy to Guiding Eyes for the Blind USA. She has qualified as a brood bitch for the organisation.

Daria Sent To Usa

Stud dog Storm (Golden Retriever) was loaned to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association by KNGF Geleidehonden in the Netherlands, and was bred four times while on loan.

Storm On Loan Kngf







Stud dog Pringle (Poodle) was donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association by Lions Foundation Canada, and has sired 62 puppies to date.
Pringle Donated By Lions Foundation Canada

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