National Dog Day is back!

Image shows puppy Duke, a Malamute-Husky cross, sitting on the grass wearing his blue Dogs Unite cape. Duke is facing the camera, tongue out.

National Dog Day is back, and this year we’re celebrating the special bond between humans and canines!

It’s no secret that dogs are a human’s best friend, but National Dog Day is the day to celebrate that special something that only dog owners can understand; the strong bond that connects you and your dog. However, it’s not just pet dogs who can offer unconditional love and devotion to their owners: this is a bond that is shared by thousands of service dog owners across the UK every day.

The relationship between a guide dog and their owner is one that relies on a bond of friendship, trust and devotion. Every day over 5,000 guide dog owners step out their front doors and rely on their guide dog to get them from A to B – whether that be the commute to work, or popping to the corner shop for a loaf of bread.

It costs £35 a week to fund a life-changing guide dog partnership – that’s £5 a day. That’s why we’re calling on you, the dog owners of the UK, to unite and take part in our National Dog Day sponsored dog walk. Walk anywhere, at a time and place to suit you. By taking part, you and your four-paw will help breed and train the next generation of guide dog puppies who will grow up to change a life.

Your dog has the power to give someone a new life. Register for free today, and you’ll receive your fundraising pack and hero dog cape in the post.

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