Royal Canin® unite for Guide Dogs

Cavapoo dog, Barkley, models a Guide Dogs and Royal Canin® dog towel

Guest article: Pauline Devlin, Director of Corporate Affairs, Royal Canin® UK & Ireland

If like me you share your life with a dog (or dogs!) you know there’s nothing like a nice walk.  And even better - kicking up leaves in the fresh autumn air. Which makes for perfect timing for the Dogs Unite Muddy Paws Walk for Guide Dogs on Sunday 26 November!

But did you know that as well as benefiting your dog with some gentle exercise you’re doing yourself a lot of good too?  In a study by the University of Missouri and WALTHAM, in older adults even a six-minute walk test with a dog showed an increase in physical function.  Certainly, for me time spent in the company of my dogs is a great stress buster.

Just remember if your dog (or you) aren’t used to lots of exercise - start gently at first, and older dogs often benefit more from short, frequent bouts of gentle exercise.  Don’t forget to make sure you and your dog are clearly visible in the darker autumn nights and very young or elderly dogs or dogs with a thin coat might benefit from a dog coat as the temperature starts to drop. 

So, go on – DOGS UNITE!  Do your dog good, do yourself good and help the dogs that are making a better life for people at the same time.  And above all have fun!

(And just in case you were wondering - At ROYAL CANIN® we’ve been working with Guide Dogs for over a decade, and are still proudly feeding generations of Guide Dogs.  We’ve been learning together what makes these dogs special and how we can help support their health and vitality through carefully tailored nutrition – and some of us will even be joining in those autumn walks with Dogs Unite.)

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