The difference you’ve made

Wtdd Case Study Nathan

Since Walking the Dog Day took place on 22 February we’ve heard some amazing stories about how you all took part and fundraised for
Guide Dogs.

You have made such a difference! Walking the Dog Day has raised over £12,000 so far, with more sponsorship money coming in. That’s enough
to fund a working guide dog partnership, like Nathan and Hudson’s, for six and a half years.

Nathan lost his sight almost overnight at the age of 19, but despite such
a challenging situation he came through the other side - largely thanks to his guide dog Hudson. Nathan and Hudson, pictured right, are one of the incredible partnerships that you are helping support.

Nathan says:

"Since I got Hudson my personality has changed completely, I’ve gained so much confidence from having him, and its made such a massive difference. When I lost my sight, emotionally, I don't think I could've got through it without him, he's really been there for me. Hudson has opened up the world for me, I can now be as free and as independent as everyone else."


With your help, we can continue working to create a world where blind people no longer feel invisible. A world with enough support to make the challenges of sight loss no barrier to fulfilling your needs and dreams. 

Thank you so much for your support.

How your money helps