The Power of Three: Golden Retrievers

In our final installment of “The Power of Three” we look at the family favourite: the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever was originally bred by The First Lord Tweedmouth, Sir Dudley Coutts Majoribanks, in Scotland in the mid-19th century. At that time, wildfowl hunting was a popular sport for the wealthy Scottish elite and the need for a dog to retrieve game from both land and water arose. To achieve this, the best water spaniels were crossed with existing retrievers, resulting in the establishment of the breed today known as the Golden Retriever.

Gret V1The Golden Retriever is the classic family companion. They are obedient, cheerful, intelligent, well-mannered, good with children and kind natured. They are loyal and loving with their families, but are also generally open and welcoming with strangers.

Pure-bred Golden Retrievers make up 10% of our dogs, but are used widely in crosses with Labradors and German Shepherds. Retrievers are chosen as guide dogs as they are biddable, intelligent, able and willing to work long hours. They are able to tolerate stress, have good health, and are recognised and accepted in public. Because of their quiet and patient demeanour, Golden Retrievers can become excellent guide dogs. They enjoy working, are eager to please and have the ability to remain focused on a specific task longer than many other breeds of dog. Superb at tracking, agile and obedient, they are ideal partners for owners with a diverse range of needs.

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