Top five tips for muddy dog walks

A yellow labrador's face is covered in mud. The dog looks up at the camera, mouth open as if smiling.

We’ve all been there; you’re just leaving the house and the heavens open. Your dog, who is terrified of the bath, wags his tail furiously as rain can mean only one thing – mud!

Getting stuck in the mud happens to us all, that’s why we’ve come up with our tried and tested top tips for surviving your muddy dog walk.

1.  Always bring a towel
In the boot of the car, in the hallway at home, or even in your bag – old towels always need to be on hand after a muddy walk. As Ambrose Bierce once said, “The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet (or in our case – muddy) dog!”.

2.  Get yourself some proper walking boots or wellies
Never underestimate the power of a good pair of wellies or walking boots. Mud has an amazing ability to hang around days after rain. Keep your feet warm and dry with appropriate footwear; the funkier the pattern, the better!

3.  Avoid very deep mud where possible
“It’s not that deep” you think, as you stride through the mire. All of a sudden you feel a tug followed by a SCHLOOP sound, and a very cold foot. That’s right, your boot is stuck in the mud! Stick to the shallow/drier mud where possible.

4.  Wash the dog
Keep a bottle of water in the car, or get the hose ready before you leave. The best way to prevent Au de wet dog is to be prepared. Rinse your dog off before towelling them off for the car ride home, and use a good shampoo once you get back home to combat grime and bacteria. Your dog might not thank you, but your nose will!

5.  What will be, will be
Accept that muddy dog walks are a fact of life and enjoy the ride. Just make sure to take plenty of pictures of your dog covered in mud – they’ll help warm you up once you’re home and dry!

Muddy dog walks may be a fact of life here in the UK, but did you know that they can be life-changing?

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