Actress prepares for headline Dogs Unite event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Actress Jorgie Porter has shown her support for hero guide dogs by stepping out as their superhero sidekick to help launch Dogs Unite, a series of sponsored dog walking events for well-known charity Guide Dogs.

Along with her puppy, Lady, Jorgie will be supporting the headline Dogs Unite event which is taking place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday June 14, giving all dogs the chance to be heroes for the day (capes included!). Jorgie will join other famous faces walking alongside thousands of dogs and their owners to raise vital funds for Guide Dogs, enabling them to support more people who are visually impaired to lead confident, independent and active lives.

Speaking about the event, Jorgie said: "I can't wait to see my little Lady become a hero for the day alongside her doggy friends! A guide dog can make an incredible difference to someone and I'm excited to be a part of Dogs Unite which will help more people to lead independent lives."

While guide dogs and their supporting four-legged friends prepare to be the new heroes in town, a poll for Dogs Unite found that Lassie still tops the charts as the ultimate hero dog (40%), followed by World Trade Centre hero, Trakr (16%), with Buddy, the very first guide dog, in third place (14%).

When asked to choose their ultimate doggy companion, respondents said that Wallace's pal, Gromit, was the no.1 chum followed by Dorothy's faithful Toto in second place.

The top 10 ultimate doggy companions are:

   1. Gromit
   2. Toto
= 3. Lady and the Tramp
= 3. Pluto
   4. Scooby Doo
   5. Beethoven
   6. Goofy
   7. Spot
   8. Doogal
   9. Perdy and Pongo
  10. Marley

To give your dog the chance to be a hero at the headline event at Queen Elizabeth Park on Saturday 14 June, register at

Jorgie Porter in red hero costume and two guide dog puppies