Relationship Expert, Tracey Cox prescribes a walk with your dog

In the run up to our huge sponsored dog walk on 14 June at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, we’ve released some interesting survey results which reveal the inner thoughts of men and women as wandering from food to family, whilst out walking their pooches.

On average dog walkers spend an impressive 382 hours a year walking their best friend, that’s on average walking 1,100 miles and burning 75,000 calories and the results show that dog walkers are mostly occupied with happy thoughts:

  • Friends and family – occupy the thoughts of both male and female dog walkers the most (53%), closely followed by…
  • Food – occupies the thoughts of more women (46%) than men (32%), with those in the West Country (53%) topping the poll.
  • Shopping – More than a third of women (34%) are thinking about hitting the shops, with females in Northern Ireland (41%) and London (40%) ranking highest.
  • Holidays – 33% of people think about escaping but those in Wales (22%) were the least likely to think about getting away from it all.


Tracey Cox relationship expertWith the overall top three thoughts being friends and family (53%) and future plans (47%), Relationship Expert, Tracey Cox thinks our pooches could prompt healthier relationships, she explains "Research proves owning a dog - walking them and stroking them - significantly reduces stress, so I'm not surprised dog walkers thoughts turn to nice, positive things! The benefits of regular walking, time out from a busy day, exercise and fresh air, are also good ingredients for  healthy relationships."

Tracey who is supporting Dogs Unite for Guide dogs continued, "Walking the dog also offers something else invaluable: a regular chance to reflect on life. To look at where we're at with our relationships, friends, family and future plans and come up with way to improve all. I heartily recommend it!"

With these results just in, why not take your favourite pooch for a stroll and do something life changing and raise money for Guide Dogs at the same time.

Join London’s largest dog walk on 14 June at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Sarah explains why she loves walking her dog Moses:

Mike explains why Dino his golden retriever is his escape from the stress of work:

Moses, pet dog wearing his Dogs Unite hero cape