Emily is a step closer to her dreams

Friday 23 May 11.30am

Emily walking down university corridor with her guide dog Unity

Guide dog owner Emily is celebrating the end of her 2nd year exams at university. She is studying English and wants to become a children’s author after she graduates. Her guide dog, Unity, has been with her since she was 18, giving her the confidence to study, meet new friends and even become a campus guide for other students.

"Before meeting Unity I wasn’t able to leave the house alone," says Emily. "When I hit my teens I found myself craving more freedom. Life has changed dramatically since Unity became part it and with her help I can now get out and about to visit the places that will inspire my stories."

Emily had always dreamed of visiting the Lake District and with Unity at her side, she was recently able to make that moment happen. Keen to change perceptions of people with sight loss, Emily has also set up a fashion blog and already writes articles for The Huffington Post, amongst others.

"Putting my trust in Unity was like second nature to me", she says. "Every day is a favourite moment with her".

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