Pavement Parking

The YouGov poll commissioned Pavement parking in Llanelli, Walesby Guide Dogs shows that most drivers in the UK (54%) admit they park on the pavement. However, nearly five out of 10 drivers (48%) who said they park on a pavement haven’t thought about the possible problems they cause to blind or partially sighted people. Many pavement parkers in the UK also haven’t thought about the possible risk they pose to other vulnerable road users like the elderly (50%), and adults with prams (36%).

Andrea Gordon, Engagement Manager for Guide Dogs Cymru, said: “Cars parked on pavements are an everyday nightmare for blind and partially sighted people, as well as other vulnerable pedestrians. “Imagine how terrifying it is to step into a road when you can’t see on-coming traffic. Too often people with sight loss are forced out into busy roads because an inconsiderate motorist has blocked the pavement. It’s an unwanted barrier to the freedom and independence a guide dog brings. We want local authorities to do whatever they can to address the problem.