Talking Buses

Double-deckers roll in to Wrexham

Managing director of Arriva Bus, Michael Morton; Wrexham mayor Ian Roberts; Guide Dogs Cymru engagement manager Andrea Gordon; support worker Andrew Gordon; and mayoress Hilary Roberts at the launch of the Talking Buses in WrexhamGuide Dogs Cymru attended the launch of nine "talking" double-deckers on Arriva's Wrexham to Chester route. The buses, on the Sapphire route, are fully equipped with audio-visual technology and feature next stop announcements.

Nigel Hughes of Rossett, who uses the route with his guide dog Cricket, said: "Audio announcements will give people like me more freedom. At the moment I have to try to work out which is my stop by counting the potholes in the road from a certain point.

I'm usually right, although sometimes I get off one stop too early or late."

Elane Roberts, of Wrexham, travels on the bus with guide dog Troy. She said: "I ask the driver to tell me when it is my stop but I still get edgy when I think it might be near. I've started asking other passengers as it's hard for the drivers to remember - they have a lot to do. Audio announcements will take the worry away."

Newport Transport leads the way

Guide dog owners at Newport Transport's launch of talking buses

Guide Dogs Cymru has welcomed the introduction of five “Talking Buses” in the Newport area to help blind and partially-sighted passengers identify their stop.

Newport Transport launched the double-deckers in the Ringland, Duffryn and Moorland Park areas, which have some of the greatest passenger numbers.

The buses feature on-board audio and visual destination announcements.