Mariablog220Hello Everyone,

I'm six months old now and I just love living here in Porthcawl. When I go for walks I have so many places to choose from. My puppy walker takes me along the seafront in Porthcawl, or along the coastal path, or we walk into town through the park.

In town, I visit banks and shops with my puppy walker. It's all good practice for me and it helps me to get used to different situations where there are lots of people and lots of different smells. I see birds in the street in town and other dogs so it helps with my socialising.

Now I'm bigger, I can wear a coat that says that I'm a guide dog puppy in training and when I'm walking along I can hear people saying that I'm a special dog. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure I'll find out one day.

Last week my puppy walker took me into town and, after visiting the shops, we came back on the bus. That was a brand new experience for me as it was the very first time I had been on a bus. It was quite noisy and very bumpy but I think I was well behaved. My puppy walker told me I was a "good girl" when we got off.

I do like travelling by car and I'm always very eager to clamber in. I go to puppy class, where I meet other puppies such as Guinness, Bessie and Tabitha. We have to behave and learn to do certain things.

My puppy walker teaches me commands all the time such as sit, straight on, down, stay and wait. I'm not too good at the stay command at the moment. Anyway, who wants to stay in one place when you're only six months old? Not me!

Maria ActionsmallHere I am again!

I'm 17 weeks old now and I'm growing really fast. I still love to watch TV and the other day there were lots of other dogs on there, which was great.

I go for walks every day with my puppy walker and as I walk along she is always talking to me, which I find very reassuring, She will let me walk for a while when we leave the house then she asks me to sit by her side. I am quite clever at that but I don't think that I always get it right as my puppy walker will ask me to try again. When I get it right I am always a "good girl" and that makes me feel quite pleased with myself.

If I am walking near a very busy road, my puppy walker is reassuring me all the time as very big things go by me and they can be very frightening, especially to me as I am still quite small. I am getting used to those big things, though, as I walk near a busy road nearly every day. I also get told things as I am walking along such as straight on, forward and wait, and I think that I am very clever as I have grasped these really well.

I love it when my puppy walker takes me into the park, where she makes me sit and wait and then takes off that lead thing and tells me to "go free". I am then able to run around on my own and explore. I am not able to do this on every walk, I think that it's a treat for me and I have to do quite a lot of learning on that lead thing.

I have toys where I live and my puppy walker will sit on the floor and play with me. When I am playing, my puppy walker will also tell me things such as sit, down and wait but I sometimes listen and other times I don't - well, I am playing, aren't I?

I mentioned last time that I was looking forward to going to puppy class and I have been twice now. It's where I meet other puppies just like me. Some are younger and some are older. I enjoy my time there doing different things but gosh, when I come home, I am so tired I sleep most of the afternoon.

Mariagimp165 01

Hi, it's me again. I've been living here in Porthcawl for six weeks now and I've been very busy.

I've been out for many walks with my lady puppy walker around here where I live, everyone that we meet says how cute I am, so I guess I must be!

Last time I told you that my puppy walkers take me out into the garden quite a lot and I'm pleased to say that I've mastered the reason why I need to go out so many times and that's so that I can have a wee. So when my puppy walkers say "busy busy" I know what I need to do. I'm really pleased to have mastered that task so quickly and I know that my puppy walkers are too! I also know that for my food I have to sit and wait until a whistle is blown and on hearing the whistle I can rush in to eat. I've learnt a great deal in the last six weeks.

I love to sit and watch that box that sits in the corner of the room. My puppy walkers call it a TV. There's a lot of movement on it and it's fascinating especially the football and rugby.

Living very close to the beach makes me one lucky puppy. I have been onto the beach a number of times where I have been able to trot along the water's edge following my grown-ups.

This is me at the top of the stairs. Climbing up the stairs was easy for me but when I looked down from the top it was such a very long way down. I wasn't able to get down by myself as my legs weren't well co-ordinated so I had to have some help from my puppy walker.

I've heard my puppy walkers mention that I will be going to puppy class and I can't wait. I hope to meet a lot of puppies just like myself.

The life of a puppy is exhausting!

Maria Sleeping165 02Hello, my name is Maria, I'm a yellow labrador and I was born on New Year's Day. My mother, Mabs, had six puppies altogether - two girls and four boys.

After a long car journey, I eventually arrived at a house in Porthcawl. I think the people at the house are going to look after me for a while. I heard the lady driver, Mel, say that they were called puppy walkers.

My puppy walkers knew that I was arriving and they were very excited to see me. I'm not quite sure what their names are, but I'm sure I will find out in time.

I'm a lucky puppy as I have a play mate called Pepper, who is a golden retriever. I'm able to snuggle up to her sometimes when she's sleeping. I have lots of toys to play with but I do like hanging onto Pepper's tail.

I've been able to do quite a lot of exploring in my new home and on my very first night I discovered this strange-looking box thing in the corner of a room which made strange noises and which kept flashing different pictures. I've haven't seen one of those before.

Continual exploring of my new home makes me very tired because I am only young and everything is new, so I sleep quite a lot, but I am very inquisitive and every day is an adventure.

My lady puppy walker takes me out into the garden quite a lot and I'm not quite sure yet, but I think I'm supposed to do something when I'm out. She does say to me when I'm going to wee, "Busy busy," for some reason, but I guess I will find out what that's all about. Once I've been, I'm told that I'm a good girl, so I feel very pleased with myself.

I have my own little bedroom to sleep in, I think it's called a crate. My puppy walker has put a lot of toys in there and I have to get used to sleeping in it. I was good on my very first night but it was still quite dark when I woke up. I cried a little and then I saw my puppy walker again. Hooray!