All about the Bass for bride Kirsty

A guide dog swapped his harness for a specially-made collar and tie to act as ring-bearer at his owner’s wedding.

Bass, a two-year-old black labrador, accompanied bride Kirsty Williams as she married care home administrator Tom James in front of 90 guests in South Wales.

Kirsty, who is registered blind, said her life was transformed when she qualified with Bass, her first guide dog, just before Christmas.

“He was the best gift I could have had,” she said. “I had read articles about guide dogs and did not realise how much Bass would change my life.

“I would never have been able to plan this wedding in the way I did without him. He has enabled me to get out and about, and visit different shops. We work so well together that I don’t feel blind any more.

“I think it hit me when I took Bass for a run on my own for the first time. I felt the sun on my face, and realised I had the freedom to go out on my own terms instead of being stuck in the house.”

Bass regularly accompanies 25-year-old Kirsty to work as a complementary therapist for a Cancer Careline, where her colleagues have fallen in love with him.

“My boss made him a special collar for the wedding and Bass seemed to like it,” said Kirsty. “We showed it to him before the ceremony and he wagged his tail as if he was proud to be wearing it”.

Kirsty And Bass

But it was the bride who stole the show in a princess-style dress covered in Swarowski crystals.

“People were crying and saying it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever seen,” Kirsty said.

“I want to help other young girls with sight loss and tell them you can still do normal things and enjoy life.”

Groom Tom said Bass had made a big difference to his life, too. “He has given Kirsty independence, dignity, happiness and joy in place of isolation and loneliness, which enables us to be a couple. I no longer feel I am a carer, and that is truly amazing."