Hetal spends precious time with her son Jordan

Saturday 27 September 9.46am


Hetal and her husband Will love taking their 15-month-old son Jordan to the local park to play on the swings. It’s special moments like these that their guide dogs Nessie and Mitch are enabling every day.

“We both see our dogs as part of the family” says Hetal. “Nessie even came to our wedding – she walked us back out the church! She was there when I found out I was pregnant, and when I went into labour. She’s been through everything with us.”

Hetal and Will, who are both blind, met at university. As well as being at the heart of their family now, Nessie and Mitch also help their owners get to work on busy commuter trains each day. Guide Dogs carefully matches each dog with their owner, taking into consideration where someone works, what routes they’ll be taking together and the speed they walk at.

Another favourite moment for Hetal came on a trip to New York when she was out walking with Nessie. “It was fabulous to be able to just walk down Fifth Avenue. I remember the feeling of walking unnoticed – just like everybody else – that was a really nice feeling.”

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